Professional Mastering is the
adjustment and optimisation of
a Song to the particular medium.
Its about matching the dynamics,
frequencies and pauses between the
tracks under dramaturgic as well
as under technical aspects.
Also the settings of the parameters
requested from the replication service
need to be considered.
Lots of working experience,
top notch equipment and the best
studio chambers come together to make
this one of the surpreme disciplines
in sound engineering and is still only available for high prices. I highly recommend to go to a dedicated studio if the budged will allow, to hear the differences analog audio can bring to your music.
What I offer is carefully done digital mastering as a budged solution with the possibility to consult me before your mix is finished in order to be able to deliver good source material.
It is done on an 80 bit DSP-System far away from so called
Mastering-Plug-Ins on Consumer-DAWs.
Prices are from 35€ per Song. Free samples before paying.