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I mix your rough recording tracks so that they perfectly blend into one piece of art that is more than the sum of it's parts


I enhance your mixed tracks so that they sound great on all systems and platforms: Transparent, punchy and with exact the right loudness.



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Why booking me?

Choose a musician that understands your language plus an engineer who has learned the job properly, ready to bring all his experience into your project.

I can help you to stand out and

  • create a unique piece of magic
  • get your audience to be inspired, rather than overwhelmed
  • achieve the sound you’re dreaming of
  • let your music shine
  • get heard instead of being ignored

Always included

  • a focussed and relaxed workspace
  • acoustics that help making fast and safe decisions
  • a service that is as dedicated as you are
  • fast responses
  • as many reviews as necessary


Stephan is extremely knowledgeable and talented, always striving for impeccability, very friendly and personable and, which was important to me, able to listen to what I desire and finding the perfect solution for it. He truly is a pro when it comes to sound!

Joerg Van Corva

Great person, very patient in all of your requests about the mix and every tiny detail. The warmth he gave on our song was the key. We will work again for sure!


What a terrific experience,
Stephan was patient and professional. He went above and beyond to help me with all my queries. Will call on Stephen again for any audio needs. I definitely recommend him :)

Sonia Morales

Got Stephan to mix a complete album for me with quite a lot of different style tracks. He managed to get a constant sound throughout the album allthough the recordings were so different. It was easy to communicate and we kept on going till we both were happy. I love Stephans ability to create the warmth on vocals and his understanding of how to create a live feeling on studio recordings. Exactly what I was looking for. From old school rock tracks to modern pop and a complex orchestra track sounded great after the mixing done at Sounddesign Pro.

Anders Naess